San Diego Trip – Day 3

Wow. This was a very busy day. First, we went over and picked up the rental truck. It’s a 16-foot Penske rental. The truck is pretty easy to drive, which is going to be very nice. We then drove the truck over to the rental unit and left it there while we waited for the movers to come.

In the meantime, we went to Lake Murry and La Mesa to walk around. We saw different animals, including birds, snakes and lizards. It was pretty neat to see.

After lunch, we met up with the movers to load the truck. The storage unit was on the second floor and the elevator didn’t work at first, but they were able to get it fixed. It took about 2 hours to get the truck loaded and then we drove it back over to the hotel.

Then we drove the rental car back to the rental location by the airport and then walked to downtown San Diego. While walking the planes would fly right over our heads as they landed. The were about 100 feet above us when they went overhead. It was pretty load. After we got downtown, we took the bus back to the hotel, had dinner and now we are resting for the long drive which starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will be leaving around 6:30 and driving to Sacramento. Sunday we will drive to Eugene and then Monday to Seattle. It will be so nice to get home. I really miss my wife.

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