San Diego Trip – Day 2

Today was a good day. We started out around 9 and went to Lowe’s to get a few items for the moving truck and then went to Costco to get a few snacks for the long drive.

Then it was time for site seeing. First, we went to Balboa Park. I had never been before and boy, is it big. A co-worker said we should try out Prado restaurant. When we went by, it was closed, but at least I can say I saw it. We spent a few hours there and I would definitely go back again.

Then, we went and drove over to Coronado and, again, walked around. We didn’t stay there very long, but it was interesting to see. We even drove by the Hotel del Coronado. That is one very large hotel.

Afterwards, we went to Old Town San Diego. I really enjoy the history of places, so that was really interesting to see. Lot’s of old-west exhibits and we even talked to a blacksmith for a little bit. He is a very interesting guy and was very informative.

Lastly, we went and walked along the beach.

It was a good day.

Tomorrow, we pick up the moving truck, get it loaded by some movers and get ready to go. We’ll take the rental car back to the airport tomorrow afternoon and take the bus back to the hotel. We plan on leaving for Seattle early on Saturday morning. The first night, we will be staying in Sacramento. It’s going to be a long drive!

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